Architect with long experience will meet your wishes and steer you through the multistage planning and construction procedure.



We specialize in planning holiday housing, tourism buildings and guest harbours, but also cosy homes. The basis for our tailor made package deals are long term solutions that can withstand the conditions of the elements and time, - no matter if it’s regarding a completely new building or renovating and extending an old one.


The planning process will take place in cooperation with the customer with the use of the latest 3D-technology - and we will arrive at a high-quality end-product. Architect Office Aaro Söderlund Oy (Ltd.) was established in 1990 and has since been offering planning solutions that take the special conditions of the elements and time into consideration to produce ecologically sustainable, unique and valuable creations for both private and commercial customers as well as public offices.

We value our continuous cooperation with the customer that establishes a planning process of high quality. We are able to offer the customer over 20 years worth of experience and an extended collaborative network.

The customer will receive a customized package with a well-defined plan that combines structural engineering with creativity based on the needs and wishes of the customer. This includes architect's, constructor's and site manager's services, as well as interior and garden planning.

This is why we believe we are the best Architectural Office in the Finnish Archipelago!

Together we can make your housing dream come true!





    Architect Aaro Söderlund SAFA STTL

    has created architecture e.g. in the architect offices of Academician Reima Pietilä (Finnish Embassy, New Delhi, India; Lieksa Church, Finland etc.), Castrén-Jauhiainen-Nuuttila CJN (City Hall of Lappeenranta, Finland; City of Ras Lanuf, Libya; University Hospitals of Annaba and Setif, Algeria, etc.), professor Egil and Kirsti Nordin (Bank Offices for HOP-Bank of Finland, incl. the extention of the Home Office at Aleksi 17, Helsinki; Local Major’s Recidence, Suomenlinna UNESCO WHS; Hirvensalo Youth Home; Talma Kindergarten, Sipoo, Finland), as well as Pekka Ojonen (Bank Offices for Bank of Finland), worked for UNESCO (WHS-assessment of Suomenlinna), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Egypt), Ministry of Culture and Education (Finland) as well as Pöyry Ltd (Egypt), and being active in the local, national and global organisations of building protection (incl. ICOMOS and CURATIO). He has taught for 20 years the histories of architecture, urban design and environment mainly in the Helsinki University of Technology / Aalto University. Abroad he has lectured widely, including the Royal Society and British Academy.

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    Experts in building planning in the archipelago


    We do plan holiday homes, homes and leisure boat harbours particularly in the archipelagoes of Turku, Gulf of Finland and Inner Sea of Saimaa. Our interactive working method is based on the latest ArchiCAD 3D technology. Service covers the phases of project planning, sketching and building permission, as well as main planning, structural design and the responsible building work leadership, not to forget deviation permissions from the urban plans. We do also usage clarifications and development plans.


    Alone in the Turku region we have planned nearly hundred projects from the continent through to the outer archipelago, and nearly as many to the capital region of Helsinki.


    The largest executed project of our office is two island suburbs for the City of Lappeenranta, Eastern Finland (80 000 m2), based on a win in an international planning competition.


    Our farthermost projects have been in Hungary, Turkey, Myanmar, Singapore and China.


    Our core values are archipelago nature, ecology and living quality.





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